Garage Floor Makeovers In Just One Day

Transform your old, or even new, concrete surfaces into a space you can't wait to show off.

Our Unique Concrete Coating Process

Our intensive process makes SealTek unique and better for your investment.

Before we can begin installation of any coatings, extensive preparation of the surface is required.

•  We grind or "profile" the floor for permanent adhesion of the polyurea coating.

•  We utilize only professional grade equipment to ensure maximum adhesion of the polyurea floor coating.

•  We contain 95% of the dust to keep your home clean and healthy.

Man working with floor machine

After "reprofiling" and vacuuming the surface, we repair any cracks or blemishes in the concrete.

•  We use a two part liquid mender that cures in just 10-15 minutes.


After all of the floor preparation is complete, we apply a special base coat to the floor.

•  The tinted base coat is a proprietary polyurea coating that sends "roots" into the concrete to ensure long-lasting, even, adhesion.

special base coat

Next we begin the color process.

•  Acrylic color chips are generously broadcasted across the floor, creating a beautiful non-slip surface.

•  After the floor cures, the excess chip is scraped and vacuumed off.

color process

Lastly the top coat is applied.

•  This polyaspartic coating is 100% UV stable, chemical rust and abrasion resistant as well as antimicrobial and antibacterial - making it safe for everyone in the family.

floor with polyaspartic coating

Popular Colors for Residential Garage Floors